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    Boost sales & distribution growth with smarter market insights
    Get real-time downstream trade visibility and multiply your sales efficiency with full-suite B2B sales and B2C force automation. A Complete Sales Automation Platform for managing marketing, sales, and distribution of goods across geography through a highly intuitive tool that provides real-time coverage analytics.
    One-Stop-Solution to boost your sales
    Clobz streamlines your order collection process by offering applications to your sales rep for order collection. By implementing a Clobz sales app, you can automate tasks traditionally performed in a cumbersome manner, such as keeping track of leads and allow you to stay more connected with both customers and Distributors while at the same time. A good field sales app will allow sales reps to track their progress, schedule Visits, Expenses, and Orders.
    Your field team can work and report their attendance remotely from any location.
    Manage appointments and track visit results conducted by your team at various field sites.
    Order management focuses on efficiently handling the entire order process, from order creation to fulfillment and delivery.
    Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.
    Sales people’s current location anytime. Based on that, check the status of the tasks that were assigned to them.
    Enhance your field operations by accessing up-to-date insights on your team through a dashboard.
    Real-time reporting of meeting summaries to team members and managers.
    Track all customer transactions to analyze customer demand.
    Advanced Salesforce Automation Software to accelerate your business growth
    Clobz helps you to track visits, productivity and activities done in the field by your Sales Rep. With Clobz Sales get access to Powerful Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting along with convenient tools & workflows to accelerate the field operations of your sales rep.
    AI Based, Sales Force Automation To Forecast & Improve Sales
    CLOBZ include a sales force automation tool that helps companies to manage their daily order processing, sales activities, gives managers and sales rep the liberty to manage their daily schedules and meetings very easily.
    Product Catalog
    Custom Forms & Reports
    Geo Fencing & Tagging
    Price List
    Sales Target
    Tracking on Website
    Order Place
    Employee Attendance
    Auto Order Assign
    Live Order Tracking
    Live Location Trace
    Stock Audit
    Digital Signature
    Live Chat Support
    COD Delivery
    Meet The App You’ve Been Waiting For Order Collection
    Retail or B2B customers can place orders on their own and track the order status using Mobile App. Online product catalog provides vast details of products with price list. Your customers can do live chat as well with the Merchant support team for any order related issues. This app is completely personalized. Business owners can brand this application with their own company name and make it available in Google Play-store.
    Direct Store and Contantless Door Delivery Application
    CLOBZ direct store contactless delivery solution has been designed to simplify local area delivery process. Automate delivery and boost sales to ensure that customers always stay connected to you. A delivery system which shoot direct SMS or email or Mobile App notification about every delivery activities.









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