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    Release Page

    Latest Updates on Clobz Sales  

    Version: 1

    Released On: 2023-12-11

    New Release of  Clobz  Sales App Now Available.

    Highlights of what’s included: New technologies emerge every day and Clobz Sales offers plenty of features to the users.
    1)  Documents Sharing with Field Team:-
    1. Easily share all important documents with everyone in the company.
    2. It serves the purpose of collaboration, managing, and organizing various documents.
    3. A sales team can efficiently handle company-related documents and information without relying on WhatsApp or email for management. 
    4. A sales team can conveniently access the information or respective documents from anywhere, whenever required with a single click using the search function or find content by name or date.
    5. It minimizes the chance of misplacing documents and is more productive by uploading files and sharing content on a real-time basis, saving valuable time.
    2) Banner Creation:- Make Announcements To Field Sales Team
    1) It allows the Sales team to make announcements or to share any company’s related information like achievements, new product launches, New messages, or discounts directly to the field sales team.
    2) This  Feature enables the Manager to communicate with their Sales team through real-time notifications.
    3) Use images, icons, gifs, or micro-videos to make the announcement more appealing.
    4) You can determine the format and timeframe for presenting your new feature announcement.
    5)  It Save time spent in calling individually just to convey a  message.
    6) Avoid delayed communication by utilizing the fastest method of sharing information.

    Latest Updates on Clobz Sales  

    Version: 1.2

    Released On: 2024-02-05


    What’s new in this release?

    1) Add day remarks in the app

    1) You can view the check-in and check-out times with morning-evening remarks of all the employees working in the field, which helps you see the time spent and the number of activities performed per day. 
    2) Employees can add important information in the remarks section.
    3) Clobz Sales app acts as a daily remark-logging tool designed for field representatives in sales forces.
    5) It allows managers to effectively monitor and track the activities of their team members. Through the review of daily remarks, managers can obtain insights into the tasks executed by field representatives, enhancing visibility and facilitating informed decision-making.
    6) Stay informed about your employees’ activities throughout the day.
    7) Day Remarks of each employee are recorded in a systematic way, which can be retrieved anytime.
    8) Regular employee Daily remarks allow managers to have a clear picture of ongoing tasks.
    9) Know and measure the progress of work done without having to call each employee individually.


    2. Reviewing Attendance Report 

    1) Unlike the conventional system of managing attendance where numerous stacks of files were to be searched for extracting minute details, the Attendance Management System allows simple and convenient filtering of information. 
    2) You can search for data based on the time, date, month, or employee name within seconds. It saves time and effort by yielding quick results.
    3) This allows the user to review and access data on a real-time basis at all times and in all locations.
    4) It provides assured accuracy in terms of calculating work hours, keeping track of overtime, and tabulating employee-wise attendance details.


    3. Customizing Customer Fields

    1) You can create custom fields in your customer form and add customer information as and when you get them. 
    2) You can choose to have these custom fields visible and/or editable to your Sales team. This way, your Sales Team has better context while dealing with customers.
    3) Custom fields in Clobz Sales can be used to capture additional information that is specific to your business needs. By creating custom fields, you can better track and manage your business data and make informed decisions based on the information you have collected.
    4) Custom fields can help you to customize your records and improve categorization.
    5) You wish to monitor additional details about each client, including their industry and the specific service they receive. Therefore, you need to establish custom fields to capture this information.