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    A Complete Guide to Sales Force Automation Solution

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    A Complete Guide to Sales Force Automation Solution

    It  may appear counterintuitive for a profession that values personal interaction that sales force automation is crucial to your sales process. Making a sale relies on various tasks, including handling leads, reaching out to potential clients, and tracking task-by-task completion. The limited resource of time always seems to pass too quickly. Maximizing the time you have doesn’t necessarily require adding more hours to the day; that’s the primary goal of sales force automation.

    What is Clobz Sales Force Automation Software?

    Clobz sales force automation or SFA is the software designed for automating sales-related tasks. It assists sales teams in managing their day-to-day tasks, including visits, attendance, expenses, order, and progress tracking, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency. With the help of Clobz Sales, sales representatives can effortlessly access customer information, monitor leads, and manage their schedules, all while on the go.

    Companies from a variety of industries, including but not limited to utilizing “SFA software,” including:

    • FMCG
    • Dairy
    • Textile / Apparel
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Paints
    • Automotive
    • Medical Devices
    • Cosmetic
    • Electricals

    Challenges of Sales Force Automation

    Your plans and initiatives may fail if you don’t have support from the best sales force automation app development company. Let’s analyze a few potential causes for an SFA deployment to go wrong.

    Here are some potential causes for your sales force automation program to fail:

    • Reporting Errors:

    Reports that are deceptive, unsubstantiated, unclear, or mistaken might result from several types of data flaws.

    Such reports will only lead to bad judgment, unsuccessful marketing initiatives, and maybe even a misalignment of the marketing and sales teams.

    • Unable to build a sale forecast:

    Sales forecasts, utilizing data from previous performance, are detailed projections that estimate the sales of a salesperson, team, or organization over a week, month, quarter, or year. These forecasts are crucial for predicting a business’s sales volume and the resulting income over a specified period.

    Managers leverage sales forecasts to budget expenses and adapt sales tactics to accommodate changes in revenue, lead flow, and other variables. Additionally, these forecasts play a key role in planning growth strategies, strategically allocating resources, anticipating potential issues, and evaluating whether the team is on track to achieve its short-term objectives.

    If your SFA program does not provide you with a sales forecast, your automation efforts will be not as effective. 

    • CRM reporting isn’t accurate.

    Effectively pursue new opportunities, automate marketing strategies, and access sales data on-demand, the best CRM software systems offer comprehensive data on clients and prospects. However, most CRM solutions fall short in terms of building sales reports. They typically provide a limited set of pre-made reporting options, leaving users unable to customize reports.

    What Are the Features of Sales Force Automation Tools?

    Features for sales process automation are created to support the daily activities of sales teams. They also give managers realistic assessments of how their employees are doing, allowing them to keep improving their sales process.

    Some of the most common components found in SFA systems and CRM platforms are listed below:

    1. Improved Efficiency: One of the biggest benefits of using field sales management software is that it significantly improves the efficiency of a company’s sales operations. By automating various processes and providing real-time updates, this technology eliminates time-consuming manual tasks and enables sales reps to focus on selling.
    2. Enhanced Productivity: With streamlined processes and improved efficiency, field sales management software helps increase productivity for both individual sales reps and the team as a whole. This means more orders can be processed, more leads can be followed up on, and more customers can be serviced in less time.
    3. Better Sales Tracking: Sales managers often struggle to keep track of their team’s activities when they are constantly on the go. Field sales management software provides a centralized platform where managers can easily monitor the progress of their sales team, track leads, and analyze data to make informed decisions.
    4. Real-Time Data Access: The ability to access real-time data is crucial for businesses looking to stay ahead in today’s fast-moving business landscape. With field sales management software, companies can get instant updates on key metrics such as sales performance, customer interactions, and market trends.
    5. Improved Customer Satisfaction: By providing timely updates, tracking customer interactions, and streamlining order processing – field sales management software helps improve customer.

    Why Is Sales Force Automation Important?

    As efficiency rises, sales automation may lead to a 40% rise in revenue. Your business’s revenue will inevitably rise as a result of optimizing your sales processes.

    Let’s analyze a few benefits of sales force automation in more detail now:

    • Improve your sales cycle: Businesses can swiftly connect with and respond to consumers thanks to an SFA platform. When their sales crew has other obligations. Shortening the sales cycle allows for greater conversions by removing the time between jobs.
    • Boost productivity: Sales representatives get extra hours by leveraging SFA solutions to automate time-consuming tasks, boosting their productivity and enabling them to complete more transactions and achieve higher goals.
    • Real-time Data Tracking: Field sales management software allows you to track real-time data from the field, giving you a clear understanding of how your team is performing. You can monitor their location, appointments scheduled for the day, client interactions, and other metrics that help you make informed decisions about resource allocation and strategy adjustments.
    • Improved Communication: Effective communication is crucial in any successful business operation. Field sales management software enables seamless communication between managers and their remote teams through features like messaging, file sharing, and notifications. This eliminates any chances of miscommunication or delays in responding to urgent matters.
    • Better Sales Forecasting: Accurate forecasting is essential for making strategic business decisions related to inventory planning, budgeting, hiring needs, etc. Field sales management software provides real-time insights into customer behavior trends

    How to Choose the Right Sales Force Automation Tool for Your Business?

    Here are some crucial questions you and your team should address before selecting a sales force automation system for your company:

    Where in your sales process does human error occur the most frequently?

    Which stages of the sales process require the most time?

    Which CRM integration options are available for sales force automation?

    What new SFA developments are emerging that could benefit your company?

    Choosing the right field sales management software for your business can be a daunting task, as there are many options available in the market. However, with the right approach and understanding of your business needs, you can find the perfect solution that will transform your operations and help you achieve success. In this section, we will discuss some key factors to consider when choosing the right field sales management software for your business.

    1. Identify Your Business Needs: The first step in choosing the right field sales management software is to identify your business needs. Take some time to analyze your current sales processes and workflows, as well as any pain points or areas for improvement. This will help you understand what features and functionalities are essential for your business.
    2. Scalability: It’s important to choose a field sales management software that is scalable and can grow with your business. As your company expands and evolves, so will your sales team’s needs. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a solution that can accommodate future growth without requiring significant changes or upgrades.
    3. Integration Capabilities: Your field sales management software should integrate seamlessly with other systems and tools used by your organization, such as CRM, ERP, or accounting software. This integration ensures smooth data flow between different departments and eliminates manual data entry tasks.
    4. Mobile Compatibility: With a growing number of businesses relying on remote teams and mobile technologies, it’s crucial to choose a field sales management software that is compatible with various devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows your sales

    Investing in field sales management software is essential for businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business landscape. With its ability to centralize information, improve communication among team members, provide valuable insights, and drive cost savings – this software is a valuable

    This blog aims to help you showcase the benefits of implementing Clobz sales force automation in your business. We’ll also delve into some of the most popular Sales Force Automation tools currently available in the market. Additionally, we’ll discuss where to find the best sales force automation software for your company.

    According to a report, only 35% of the time spent by salespeople is dedicated to closing deals. The rest of the day is consumed by repetitive administrative tasks. Automation tools are indispensable as they directly impact productivity.


    In conclusion, the appropriate SFA software allows you to comprehend your objectives and the nature of the sales process. There are numerous solutions on the market, and each one has advantages.