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    Cloud SaaS are cost efficient and reduces the time spent in installation and configuration which can reduce the issues that can get in the way of the software deployment.

    End to end horizontal and vertical visibility into the business and access to integrated business processes that help find solutions to end-to-end business problems.

    CLOBZ reside in cloud environments that are scalable and have integration with other SaaS offerings in terms of server capacity planning and much more.

    Improved Delivery

    Improve user experience through a unified delivery process. Offer them advanced facilities like order scheduling, real-time live tracking, predictable ETAs.

    Improved Operations

    The supremacy of automation to make your operations error-free, efficient and optimized can help you save a lot of operational costs.

    Improved Routing

    Increase your delivery/sales teams’ routing efficiency through automated route planning, which can help your delivery/sales staff accomplish increased productivity and incentives.

    Improved Visibility

    Restrict the challenge of visibility with real-time analytical visibility to your operations, keep all your stakeholders/customers/channel partners informed through multiple modes such as WhatsApp, SMS, email and more

    Increased Productivity

    With the power of automation, visibility and predictability your employees now get to do more in little time. This means a significant increase in your deliveries/operations. Equip them with the tools they need to perform more and earn more incentives.

    Centralized Control

    Managers can centrally monitor operations. This helps in instant identification of errors like route deviation, missed deliveries, empty miles and much more. This makes overall operations more cost-effective and efficient.

    Get the treat of new upgrades and releases

    We provide upgrades and new software releases without disrupting your operations. Cloud SaaS benefits users so that they are always using the latest technology and witness the refreshed UIs to get best user experience. Get bugs fixes so that your operations never come to a halt.

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    What are CLOBZ Solutions?

    CLOBZ Solutions are one of a kind powerful Order, Delivery and Salesforce Automation Package. It includes three best in class mobility apps to manage your entire dedicated process with ease of increased productivity and scalability.

    Can I integrate with Shopify and Woocommerce?

    CLOBZ Solution offers the power of web-services which gives you immense opportunities to integration options. CLOBZ Solution facilitate multiple options for integration, FTP, APIs for every functions. Automate complete process as business needs and the best part is you get OTA updates regularly.

    What makes CLOBZ distinctive?

    CLOBZ Solutions offers web applications along with the mobility app for on the go, so that the managers or team leaders can monitor, track and take valuable decisions from the entire dashboard visibility. Single dashboard and centralized control offer the complete hold of operations making business cost efficient.

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